Range of applications

In the field of experimental vibration testing we offer a comprehensive range of services in order to provide you with the right solution. For example, experimental investigations are carried out by us accompanying your development process, for the purpose of removing unwanted phenomena, or to validate your numerical analyses and methods.

Experience over many years and a team of highly motivated engineers guarantees the highest quality of your results. We can offer the following services to you, which

  • Test planning and correlation with analysis data
  • DOE (Design of Experiments)
  • Classical experimental modal analysis (EMA) with hammer or shaker excitation
  • Output-only modal analysis (OMA)
  • Operational vibration measurements
  • Torsional vibration measurements
  • Transfer path analysis (TPA)
  • Vibration table testing (qualification)
  • Strain measurements
  • Laser vibrometer testing
  • Cavity acoustics
  • Software development

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We use state of the art equipment for experimental vibration testing:

  • Highly mobile data acquisition systems (Brüel&Kjær LAN-XI, VXI, and EMX up to 120 channels) providing the oportunity to easily perform measurements on-site if required
  • Impact hammers, modal exciters, acoustic sources
  • Displacement sensors, accelerometers uniax/triax
  • Microphones
  • Force sensors
  • Seismic block on air springs for fixed/free measurements
  • Climatic chamber to allow measurements under defined environmental conditions (temperature range adjustable from about 5-45°C +/- 0.5°C, 41-113°F +/- 0.9°F)
  • Bungee cords and air springs for quasi free/free suspensions up to 3000 kg  (HS&E approved)
  • Access to special equipment on demand (1D and 3D laser scanner vibrometers, force measurement platforms, etc.)
Klimakammer für definierte Umgebungsbedingungen
Climatic chamber


As an alternative to on-site measurements, tests can be conducted at ICS's lab in Dreieich.

  • About 170 m² operational area
  • Ground level access via sectional gate
ICS lab in Dreieich
Lab of ICS Engineering GmbH

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