Code of conduct

ICS recognizes its social responsibility. Our actions and those of our employees shall be based in particular on the values of integrity and fairness, as well in external as in internal relationships. The hereby governing standards are laid down in our guideline Verhaltensgrundsätze der ICS Engineering GmbH.

ICS and its employees are committed to live up to their social responsibility in all corporate activities and their individual areas of responsibility. They will comply with the relevant legal and internal regulations concerning all business actions and decisions.

Social commitment

Children are the key to our future. Unfortunately children are often underprivileged as they represent the weakest links in a chain in many places in the world. Therefore ICS engages itself since several years by sponsoring the SOS Children's Village project for children around the world. Furthermore, we support the children's project "Die Arche" which is committed to care for socially disadvantaged children.

By this we do believe that we can spend a little hope and perspective and we would like to thank the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. and the children’s project "Die Arche" for their outstanding initiatives.