'Optimal technical products through CAE and test integration'

The strength, dynamic, and acoustic behavior of today's technical products invariably require the solution of complex structural mechanical and acoustical tasks in order to satisfy the high performance demands placed upon them. Due to the inherent uncertainties of analytical modeling it is generally necessary to conduct an experimental study of complex systems in order to verify the results. This is where ICS can provide integrated solutions to you.

Across the industry ICS is your qualified partner in solving structural mechanical and acoustical tasks on the way to an optimized product. Our team of experienced and highly motivated engineers may be at your service throughout the design process to assist with e.g. the dimensioning of components, the avoidance or reduction of unwanted vibrations and noise or the verification of durability and functionality under specified loading conditions.

The scope of our services covers Finite Element analyses (statics/dynamics, linear/nonlinear, acoustics, optimization, thermal) and experimental vibration analyses (experimental modal analysis, operational and torsional vibration measurements, TPA), as well as correlation of experimental with analytical data and model validation.

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