New measurement equipment

ICS invests in a new VibroFlex QTec laser vibrometer from Polytec for high-precision and non-contact vibration measurements. The patented QTec multi-channel interferometer offers a particularly high signal-to-noise ratio on any surface (image source Polytec).


New Publication

Take a look at our new publications in Englisch language about "Identification of the damped harmonic oscillator frequency response function from base acceleration and interface force" (ISMA 2022 conference) and "Model Updating" (from the SEM Handbook of Experimental Structural Dynamics).

New measurement equipment

ICS invests in a new portable 80 channel measurement system from VTI Instruments in order to optimally perform all required measurement tasks in the future. In addition our well proven measurement system for ultra-mobile measurements (also batterie driven!) as well as for high channel count simultaneous measurements of up to 120 channels stays available.


ISO 9001:2015

We have successfully recertified our quality management system according to the new and revised norm EN ISO 9001:2015.


Dr. Carsten Schedlinski received a lectureship at the University of Kassel starting the summer semester of 2015. Offered is a lecture with exercise on "Validation of Finite Element models", which is carried out as a block course. Details can be found under